FZN: current election law has not introduced any electoral system


FZN-IN-PARLIAMENT1 (1)22/ April/ 2013 – Reporter: Qiam Noori | The parliamentarian and women rights activist, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi said on Monday that, elections law of a country must introduce the elections system of the country at the very beginning; but the present Afghan election law has not any kind of clear portrayal.

:” I want to mention that, in the last paragraph of the 83th article of the Elections law has been written that, based on the law, required measures should step up for launching a general, clear, and fair elections for the whole Afghan nation. This is the point where I am going to have a break on and want to say that the article, which has been confirmed by the joint commission, is clearly against the Afghan constitution. Because, firstly, here we don’t see any kind of clear picture of a clear electoral system. Secondly, if it’s a definition for the SNTV (single non-transferable vote) electoral system, then it is a clear mistake. How? It’s a mistake, because we, the representatives of the people in the last parliamentarian elections just elected as MPs with only 37 per cent of the public vote. And that the rest of the 67 per cent of the public vote dispensed.” Ms.Naderi highlighted.

The MP added if the lower house members do not clear the issue and simply ignore it, then they could not represent their people correctly.

The suggested electoral system by Afghan government that has been referred to the lower house has got 11 conflicting points.  Among those conflicting points, the representatives have solved two points.

One of the points was to accept the mixed electoral system or the SNTV? Finally, the MPs with majority voted confirmed the SNTV electoral system and dismissed the mixed one.

In mixed electoral system, we have two kinds of elections which are the Single Non-Transferable Vote (SNTV) which is mostly in favor of independent presidential elections candidates and Party Representatives (PR) that’s in political parties favor.

At the main time, the MPs on Monday have confirmed that vote counting should be on done on voting centers, immediately after finishing the voting process.

Currently, 9 more conflicting points has remained unsolved, which is expecting to be solved by the coming weeks in the lower house.


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