Corrupt MPs Should be Identified, Referred to Judiciary: Senate


Zahra NaderiComplaints commission of Afghan senate urged Sunday that all the MPs involved in corrupt dealings should be identified and referred to the judiciary organizations, for which a number of MPs had called upon their administrative board to investigate the issue last week.

“The corrupt ones within the parliament should be revealed and those who are identified to have received money and are involved in such deals should be referred to the judiciary organisations. We expect the president to do this,” said Zalmai Zabuli, head of the Senate’s complaints commission.

Stressing on the revelation of the names of those involved in corrupt deals, a number of senators said the issue has put the reputation of the National Assembly under question.

“A number of MPs have said that there are about 80 corrupt MPs in the parliament, but investigations will reveal that there are more than 80,” said senator Rafiullah Haidari, “This issue should be addressed.”

“There are those in the parliament who work for the people, but there are also a number of MPs who have been called famous commissioners, receiving contracts and projects,” said senator Belqis Roshan.

Although some of the MPs have not rejected the corruption within the parliament, they have said that both the parliament and the senate should fight against corruption in a serious manner.

“Currently, there are no organisations without corruption. Both assemblies should start a joint policy for fighting against corruption,” said Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, MP.

“They shouldn’t just accuse each other,” she added.

The comments come after the parliament summoned 11 ministers earlier this month, for spending insufficient amount of their development budget, however all of the ministers received votes of confidence in which a number of MPs suggested corrupt dealings were involved. (Tolo News)


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