2014 Presidential elections, a turning point to youth’s ideological war


Farkhunda Zahra Naderi - Afghan MPThe parliamentarian and women rights activist, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi while speaking in the inauguration ceremony of Afghanistan bright youths coalition, says the extremism is one of the biggest barriers against the democracy and the up-coming presidential elections is one of the turning points for the ideological Afghan youth’s wars.

The MP, added, the public are in more need of awareness about elections, that they should know what is to be elected or to elect someone else.

:” We’ve passed many elections, but yet we’ve not understood the true meaning of elections campaigns and the culture of candidacy. But, there is a more blessed issue that we have full determination to implement our constitution. This is not only the government obligate for, but the whole nation is obligated in the implementing of constitution as the document is defending the whole nations basic rights.” She added.

  The inauguration party of the youth’s coalition that was held in Afghan Loya jirga hall, a number of universities lecturers, students and hundreds of Afghan youths from around the country attended.

The ceremony’s main slogan was driven from a recent Naderi speech that was said “History will condemn the Afghan youth’s silence”.

The organizers of the coalitions say the institution will work without any linguistic, ethnic or religious discrimination and only for the better of a peaceful and developed Afghanistan.

The Ibn – e – Sina dean, while speaking the youths emphasized the on the youths to decide wisely for making plans and programs to who shape the country’s future.

The Afghanistan bright youths coalition at the end of their summit, announced a resolution.

Note: please find out the resolution here in Persian: قطعنامه-ائتلاف-ملی-جوانان-روشن-افغانستان1

Reporter: Qiam Noori


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