25 % women participation in provincial councils is a must


8082001084_c12aa67d7b_z13/ June/ 2013-  Reporter: Qiam Noori | A number of parliamentarians on Wednesday, 12th Jun, in reaction with the elimination of the 6th article of the Afghan election law, which guarantees the 25 per cent of the women participation in provincial councils, persist the article must be re-amended.

Based on the mentioned article of the election law – that approved last month – “at least ¼ of provincial council seats must be dedicated to women” as an imperative and compensatory justice.

The parliamentarian and women rights activists, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi says women support of the 25 per cent participation in provincial councils is  the responsibility of every and each single MP in lower house

:” My humble request from the lower house is that, when we talk about law and legislation, the responsibility of the implementation the compensatory justice which is that – participation of 25 per cent of women in provincial councils – is the job of every one of us. Because when the women came with such a logic case and such positive discrimination to the lower house, she sees it as her obligation to implement the idea in other governmental institutions including the cabinet. The 25 per cent presence doesn’t have any logical and legal interdiction and therefore I do call for the cooperation of all colleagues here in the house of nation.”  The MP Naderi added.

Point to be mentioned that, alongside of those women that win a seat by their vote in provincial councils, the presence of 25 per cent of women in the councils across the country was a must-to-be issue in the earlier text of the Afghan election law.


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