FZN: Lower house peace roadmap must be taken serious


8082001084_c12aa67d7b_z13/ June/2013 – Reporter:  Qiam Noori | The parliamentarian and women rights activists, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi on Wednesday, 12th June, in reaction of the recent suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks across the country, asked of all parliamentarians to follow up the work over peace road map of the representative house seriously.

The MPs persists, condemnations of the terrorists that bleed Afghans each single day are no more useful

:” With condemnation of {the terror attacks} we cannot fill up our responsibilities to our people. As I’ve always said, I am saying once more time here that everyone must take serious the activities of the special commission established for drawing a road-map in insuring peach and security in the country. Let’s show for the people that if we cannot curb up the insecurity at once, at least we are trying to decrease it to some level.” The MP Naderi said.

The representative’s house recently established a commission for creating a proper road-map for peace with aim to help the Afghan government current peace process to be succeeded.

This as come to, the capital city Kabul within a week witnessed two terrorist attacks of the armed anti-government insurgents.

Most recently, in a suicide bombing targeting Afghan Supreme Court staffs on Thursday, at least 20 including women and children killed and more than 40 people wounded, with some in critical condition.

Earlier the day, a group of seven suicide attackers launched large attacks on Kabul international airport. The attacked finally ended after all the seven insurgents being murdered by Afghan national security forces. The good news is the attacks had no civilian or military causalities.


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