Masooda Karookhi, Peace role model of N-peace 2013


de3b63f871f680749530ae74d8c2d0cc6a35d2c3After the official announcement of the N-peace role models elections results, the parliamentarian and women rights activists, Masooda Karookhi declared the winner of the current year.

At least, 90 women across the 6 countries, including Afghanistan, Indonesia, Philippine, Nepal, East Timor and Sri Lanka nominated for the N-peace award for peace role model.

The voting process of the award started in middle of the June and officially finished in middle of the July. The process was interned-based pulling.

The N-peace Network is supporting through, United Nation Development program (UNDP) and the institutions have organized the program as well.

It was 2012, when for the first time Afghanistan, joined the Peace Role Model of the peace network, in which the UNDP itself introduced the nominees of the 2012 peace role models for N-Peace network.

But, based on the decision of the N-Peace this year, it was the 2012 peace awardees that privileged for nominating their candidates to the network.  In which, Ms. Karookhi, as one of the member of Ms. Naderi’s parliamentarian working team, being introduced to the peace network. The parliamentarian Naderi and her team, fully supported Ms. Karookhi during the voting process.

According to MP Naderi:” We do wish that, one day our individual struggles turn to group efforts to enable us watching group-based awards. And this leads us ensuring the peace, which is indeed the desire of each and every single Afghan.”

And now today, the wish for changing individual efforts to group-based efforts became a touchable truth.

 :” However, Ms.Karookhi is working tirelessly in each civil and peace full processes, in particular defending the women rights and  fight for justice, but her efforts has not been acknowledged widely to the public, as it must be. Indeed such programs like the peace role model award are a stage that could introduce the contributions of such brave women for justice to the country men and world-wide. Ms. Karookhi has done too much for ensuring the justice around the country and she deserved such an award and support.” Ms. Naderi added.

The parliamentarian Masooda Karookhi is representing the Herat residents in Afghan lower house. It was 1959, when she burn.

written by: Qiam Noori


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