Educated Mothers, Educated community


Farkhunda Zahra NaderiThe parliamentarian and women rights activist, Farkhunda Zahar Naderi on fund raising summit in Kabul says, the only survival way of the war-torn country is to educate its females.

The summit which is launched by “ Aid to Afghanistan for Education” organization on Saturday, Ms.Naderi added, the “ Chadari” ( Burqa) is the clothing of afghan women struggle,  but to change the small window of the clothing into a powerful widow, the women need education.

:” It should be recalled that, educated mothers lead us to an educated community. And the war-torn country Afghanistan is at the most need of the education. The mothers are the ones who spread the education throughout the society. Therefore, as an Afghan citizen that sees the education as a source of power for Afghan women, I do also support (financially) the program and as a representative of my people, I do argue the Afghan education ministry to provide required cooperation with the organization.”

In the fund raising summit, the Afghan economic ministry, leading members of Afghan chamber of commerce, private sector and banking leading members and tens of the youths were gathered.

Aid Afghanistan for Education, established in 2003, is an organization providing free of cost educational services for those who deprived of education due to unwanted immigrations.

Now, the head of the organization, Hasina Sherjan, says the USAID which was previously funding the organization, have stopped it’s financial support and asked the Afghan government, in particular the Afghan education ministry to consider their concerns seriously.

:” We all know that millions of Afghans are in dire need of such initiative. We do ask from the Afghan ministry of education to support programs of the organization at the best possible way.”Ms. Sherjan emphasized.

Aid Afghanistan for education currently covered 3000 plus male and female students across 13 provinces of Afghanistan. The annual expenses of the organization is about 1.5 Million USD.

The parliamentarian Naderi, argued the Afghan education ministry to provide the needed cooperation with the educational institution.

:” Wars and insecurities in the past have cost millions of Afghans to be left deprived of Education in Afghanistan. But, now when the Aid Afghanistan for education fill up the gap, the Afghan government, in particular the Education ministry should consider their concerns as their owns.” Ms. Naderi added.

The parliamentarian Naderi as the founder of Chaderi Foundation has covered 33 students’ expenses of the organization for 1 month.

The fears of upcoming 2014 year, have cause many institutions depended on foreign aids for face closers or extreme financially problems.

According to recent reports, it’s believed that millions of Afghan will be unemployed once the NATO troops left the country in 2014 exit year of the troops.


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