Kabul Tiamany square officially re-named to Hakim Nasir Khusrow Balkhi square


12/7/2012 – The memorial, built with the cost of 100,000 $ from personal budget of founder and CEO of the Hakim Nasir Khusrow Balkhi cultural center, Alhaj Sayeed Mansoor Naderi. This as come to, Kabul mayor, M. Yonus Nawadesh, expressed his regards to Mr. Naderi for orchestrating the memorial building.

The Hakim Nasir Khusrow Balkhi square, which previously was famous in Tiamany square, on Thursday (12/7/2012) inaugurated with the participation of Alhaj Sayeed Mansoor Naderi, Founder of Hakim Nasir Khusrow Balkhi cultural center, Kabul Mayor Eng. Younis Nawadesh, a number of parliamentarian, Afghan film makers union chief, authorities of 4th police station, a group of cultural figures and many other Kabul residents.

The memorial, basically, has depicted the famous poetry of Hakim Nasir Khusrow Balkhi which say: If your tree fruits off knowledge – you conquer the lily universe.

The memorial has been designed by the parliamentarian and Managing director of Hakim Nasir Khusrow Balkhi, Ms. Farkhunda Zahra Naderi. The building of construction has consumed 4 months.

Kabul mayor, while speaking in the inauguration party of the memorial, said, its proud, which the square has re-named by name of famous Hakim Nasir Khusrow Balkhi.

“I am grateful of the great service of Mr. Naderi, a great Afghan cultural and religious figure. He has done some other proud full activities in the past as well, such as producing the biggest Holy Qur’an in the world, which I have never seen the kind before, which is a lasting and historical job. Today, for this square, which every corner of it, is a symbol of a history and art, I am very grateful and happy.” He said:

This as come to, Mr. Naderi, which has funded the project by his own personal budget, thanked all the participants of the ceremony.

Meanwhile, some of the Hakim Nasir Khusrow Balkhi cultural center authorities during the inauguration party of the memorial asked the Kabul mayor to pay a serious attention for the re-constructing the streets ending in the square.

Cultural center of Hakim Nasir Khusrow Balkhi  established 24 years ago by a group of Afghan cultural figures. Since then, the cultural institution is leading by Alhaj Sayeed Mansoor Naderi.

By the time, the center has done a series of big cultural and scientific works such as: establishing the mobilized library of Hakim Nasir Khusrow, producing the world’s biggest Qur’an in Afghanistan and founding a series of English language centers in Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan.



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