Afghan civil society praised Afghan women’s achievements


11/5/2012 – Reporter: Qiam Noori | The prominent national and super-national organization admired of the 2012 women awards in regional and international levels.

The parliamentarian and women right activists, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi is hopeful to all women rights activists be united in the mission of defending women’s ideals.

The Afghanistan civil society on Sunday (11/4/2012) praised six Afghan women, who honored and achieved awards for their brilliant works and efforts in defending women rights, human rights and other democratic values in 2012 by the international organizations.


The women are including:

  1. Dr. Sema Samar, winner of Noble alternative award in democracy defense 2012
  2. MP, Shenkia Karokhial, East West institute award for value-based leadership 2012
  3. MP, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, UNDP role model for peace award 2012
  4. Amina Azimi, UNDP emerging peace champion awardees
  5. Qahramana Kakar, UNPD role model for peace award winner 2012
  6. Horia Musadiq, brave women award of International Amnesty org. 2012

The Afghanistan civil society CEO, Aziz Rafee while speaking in the summit, said the Afghan people must not forget a big part of their shining history, which is the bravery part of the Afghan women history:” We have forgot the big part of our history which is including the championship of our Afghan women. However, the Afghanistan women were always champion of good ideals in the course of the country’s history and always created championship and pride. The women, which their big champion ship is their patience and forgiving.”  Mr. Rafee added:

Meanwhile, the parliamentarian and women rights activists, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi said:” I waiting for the day, when the women are rewarded collectively. The like-minded women who fought for women rights in Afghanistan individually, if they work together as a team, then they will not only shock the country, but, also will shock the world. I waiting for the day, when we find out and recognize those champion women who are in their houses and come out of their houses covered with veils and then reward them” Ms. Naderi highlighted:

In between, the parliamentarian and women rights activist, Shenkia Karokhial criticized of the establishment for ignoring the women’s efforts for a better future in the country:” After leaving each member of the cabinet, Mr. President praise their services and efforts, but, yet, the president not praised any single women for their much hard-workings and dedications. The women need support of the all people, in particular the support of men.” Mrs. Karokhial emphasized:

The 2012 was a mixed years of good and bad news for the women. In the year, a number of women honored for their works internationally, but we had an unprecedented increase of violence against the women in the same year.


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