Women MPs and Civil Society discussed over creating Peace ambassadors group


31/8/2012 – Reporter: Qiam Noori | The main aims of the group are: empowering the women role in politics, ensuring justice for women, highlighting the role of women in large national decision-making processes as well as finding effective ways in implementing the 1325 UNSC resolution on women safety.

Women rights activist, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi sees establishing such a group as a glorious step in decreasing violence against the women.

A number of Civil Society activists along with a group of women parliamentarian in a summit on Thursday (30/8/2012) agreed upon creating a Peace ambassadors group. The group with the aim of highlighting the demands of women from the peace process and peace talks with Taliban, demands of women from the upcoming 2014 presidential elections as well as accountability from the high peace council, will be establish very soon.

Parliamentarian, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, while commenting in the summit, said, creating such a group will establish a close connection panel in between the people’s representatives and Civil Society.

Ms. Naderi added that, the 1325 United Nation Security Council on women safety from war conditions should be practiced as constitution of the group. Ms. Naderi believes sharing a number of region women in particular Pakistani women in the group as well as asking co-operation from N-peace in richen the group would effective measures in fulfilling the goals and ambitions of the group.

At the meantime, some other participants of the summit in particular Shenkia Karokhial, the parliamentarian, criticized over the performance of the high peace council over ensuring the peace and security in the country.

Ms. Karokhail said, while the council receives a significant budget from the government in a bid to reduce the insatiability, but have not done a remarkable work yet.

She added, one another main reason of creating peace ambassadors group is to raise a much louder voice toward establishment of peace and security in the country.

However, Ms Karokhial said the group would not be responsible of physically ensuring security, rather raising voice for ensuring justice and advocacy for the women rights.

In the end, the participants agreed upon creating the organizational hierarchy of group, plans, action mechanisms as well as a 3 years strategic plan for the long-term goals of the group.



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