The Mixed electoral system leads to democracy empowerment in Afghanistan


IMG_88231/1/2013 – Reporter | Qiam Noori  – The leading members of the Afghan electoral reforms consultative forum in a press conference in Kabul says the forum after consulting with civil  society institutions, political parties, electoral related organs and law experts in 7 zones of the country have written a consultative Election law draft for the Afghan government.

The Afghan civil society CEO, Aziz Rafea says:” in the draft 3 main principles including the mixed electoral system, electoral zones division mechanism and the electoral system itself being considered seriously and the draft is a complete and comprehensive one on its kind up to now.”

the free and fair election foundation ( FIFA) CEO and the leading member of the mentioned forum, Jandad Spenghar, says the consultative draft being made according to the international standards, ground realities and Afghan constitution:” The mentioned draft which we are going to consult with the Afghan government has got a big difference with all past election laws and that distinguished point is that in the current law is focused more on political parties in the election, while the government law is more concentrated on SNTV ( Single Non-transferable Vote)  electoral system.”

Mr. Spenghar more added that, the mechanisms on electoral complaints being wisely mentioned in the draft and the so-called task is going to be done via a permanent commission. According to Mr. Sepenghar in the draft the conditions of the elections candidates from presidential to parliamentary and to local councils’ elections being balanced with ground realities.

At the main time, the parliamentarian and women rights activist, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi and a member of the electoral reforms forum called the draft a very effective election law in promoting the women’s participation in elections:” The current law could be very beneficial to the Afghan parliament. And the draft is much important to the women’s participation in elections, because in a mixed electoral system the women could get into to the election from the both windows of political parties and the proposed Afghan government electoral system of SNTV. Also the draft suggests that for the betterment of parties’ policies more women could become candidates of the political parties.” Ms. Naderi highlighted.

The other member of the forum, Ahmad Saeedi, called the mentioned election draft law a need for the survival of democracy and the shining future of Afghanistan.

It has to be mentioned that the Afghan electoral reforms consultative forum since 6 months ago have worked on the draft and made a various consultations with political parties, civil society members and law experts in 7 zones of the country.


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