Regional Countries Should Play A More Active Role In Afghanistan: Naderi


Farkhunda NaderiAs the Afghanistan prepares for the post-2014 withdrawal of NATO forces, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, Member of Parliament from Kabul says in an exclusive interview with ViewsAround Editor Manish Rai on her visit to New Delhi. Those regional countries should play a more active role in Afghanistan post 2014 withdrawal of NATO forces suggesting a regional police alliance between the regional countries.

Question: What role women should play in the reconstruction of their country?

Answer- Afghanistan reconstruction will be incomplete without the participation of Afghan women. As they bring different viewpoint which complement the existing views. Moreover women understand some problems much better. So, women should contribute to every walks of life like- Politics, Culture, Science, Arts etc.

Question: Do you think that presence of NATO forces is required for the stability of the country?

Answer-Definitely its is required as Afghanistan has faced three decades of civil war and people are fed up with war now. People want stability and peace for which presence of international forces is required but it does not mean that Afghan forces are not capable enough to defend their country but help is always welcome.

Question: What role regional countries should play in Afghanistan post 2014 withdrawal of NATO?

Answer- Our regional countries like –Pakistan, Iran, and India and we have more or less similar kind of culture. So we understand each other well as compared to other countries which are very far from us. That’s why I advocate for more civil society relationship between our religion, more trade and commerce activities. Even I will suggest that we should have a regional police alliance which can safeguard the security of every one of us. We should understand that if Afghanistan is not stable and is struck with terrorism then it would have an effect of whole of the region.

Question: Do you think that current government should talk to Taliban for integrating them into the mainstream?

Answer-Yes, sure we should talk to Taliban. Any individual, group, Organization which believes in the Afghan constitution, culture, values should be included in the reconstruction of the country. Let me tell you that Afghanistan government was never reluctant to talk to anyone for peace and stability of the country.

Question: It’s being proposed that post 2014 NATO will deploy a small force to facilitate Afghan forces. Do you support it?

Answer- Yes they should maintain their presence as its is required for training of Afghan forces and for stability of the country.

Question: Can we expect more participation by the Afghan women in the national and provincial assemblies?

Answer- Our constitution gives a Quota of 25% to the women in the national and provincial assemblies and if we look at current statistics women representation in assemblies is around 28%. So numbers speak for themselves that trend of women representation in assemblies is rising and it will definitely grow in coming time.

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