Pro-democracy activists criticize Afghan parliament


IMG_7275Hundreds of Kabul residents participated in a rally to pay tribute to International Day of Democracy which falls on 15th September.

Rally participants chanted “Support to Democracy in Afghanistan” and “We want accountable parliament members” during a gathering near the parliament house.

They also urged the lawmakers to consider programs for public awareness regarding democracy and the International Day of Democracy should be widely celebrated every year.

A civil society activist, Rahmatullah Ahmadi, said the parliament of Afghanistan was supposed to pay tribute to International Democracy as parliament is one of the democratic institutions where lawmakers have been appointed with the power of vote of people.

Ahmadi said the parliament has unfortunately remained silent on such an important day despite being a member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union which urges it’s members to take necessary steps for public awareness regarding democracy.

Another activist, Fawzia Noori said the parliament of Afghanistan which represents the people of Afghanistan, should remain silent regarding the election deadlock.

She said the people of Afghanistan expect for the intervention of parliament but unfortunately the lawmakers have remained silent to resolve the political impasse due to electoral process.

She also criticized the parliament for remaining silent regarding the violation of Afghan constitution during the election process.

An Afghan parliament member, Dr. Naqeebullah Faiq said the administrative board of the parliament has been reckless to pay tribute to International Day of Democracy since they do not believe in the principles of democracy.


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