Politician women’s Negative competition hurt ordinary women


Parliamentarian Farkhunda Zahra NaderiThe parliamentarian and women right activists, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi says, political competition among the politicians including the women is a undeniable issue, but, the women should not be involved in those negative competitions to hurt the women at whole.

The women activist, however, insists on women’s unity and consolidation.

:” Though, I do argue all the women that alongside of having one of the biggest responsibilities, do consider the important decision, that “if we hit our self, we’ll get hurt ourselves. We must show the country and the world, that, however, the Afghan women come to politics due to a positive discrimination, now the women after the 11 years of their presence in the politics, have found the capacity to lead their people in the best possible way.” Ms. Naderi added.

A press summit held by the provincial councils today in Kabul.

Head of the councils says, the summit being held for the two main ambitions, that are evaluating the women’s challenges and seeking practical mechanisms for rooting the problems.

A big number of women across the country attended the summit today.

The participant women in the summit, says, insecurities and discriminations against the women are the core challenges of the women in remote areas of country.



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