Mother’s day celebration with blood donation


IMG_283516/6/2013 – Reporter: Qiam Noori  | The parliamentarian and women rights activist, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi along with a group of women rights activists, donated blood to needy mothers.

The initiative that launched on Saturday June 16th for Mother’s day commemoration, the active youths donated over 8000 CC blood to the needy Mothers of Malalai maternity house in Kabul.

Meanwhile, the head of the maternity house, alongside of praising the move, says the hospital has always in dire need of fresh blood and added the blood they received could help them in surviving many mothers lives.

The parliamentarian Farkhunda Zahra Naderi that has launched the initiative says she’s glad the blood could help the Mothers. Ms. Naderi added that:” I hope that such initiatives and moves one day become a national tradition and culture in our beloved country.”

One of the blood donors, Ms. Arezo Rasuli, expresses joys of donating blood to the mothers who can’t afford the needed blood for themselves

:” This is our humanitarian duty to help out those mothers and families that can’t afford blood for themselves to have a safe and sound delivery. That’s why I am so pleased today of donating blood.”  Ms. Rasuli added.

However, this is not the first time which MP Naderi and her other colleagues donate blood to the needy mothers.

Last year, the parliamentarian Naderi alongside of nearly 30 youths have donated over 16000 CC blood to ill Mothers of the Malalai maternity house on the day of Imam Husain martyrdom commemoration.

At the end, the blood donors have presented a bouquet to all the Mothers of the hospital.


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