FZN, visit orphan kids and teenagers


_MG_245119/ April/ 2013 – Reporter: Qiam Noori | The parliamentarian and women rights activists Farkhunda Zahra Naderi visit tens of orphan and homeless kids and teenagers in Alla’uddin Orphanage.

 The MP, Naderi in the friendly visit told the kids from the position and importance of parliament in Afghanistan, that the MPs via the institutions raise their voices in favor of people and based on the requirements of the public.

 :” I want to tell you all that, the parliament is called the nation’s home. It means, the parliament is the home of all Afghans. It’s the home of each and every of you and it raises its voice based on your demands and necessities. The institution tells to the Afghan government to fulfill the demands of the public in various fields from, education to health and economy and many others. However, there are three main tasks of the parliament which are as follow:  the first ever duty of the parliament is representing people; in other words, the parliament speak on behalf of the public and fight for their rights. The 2nd duty of the parliament is legislation; the parliament based on your requirements creating the needed laws. The 3rd job of parliament is controlling and monitoring the government. Briefly, the parliament is an institution in direct service of the people.” Ms. Naderi added.

At the main time, the head of the orphanage, Atiullah Wahaj, praised the sympathy and visit of Naderi and told the audience the presence of Naderi and his team here today means the kids are not alone and will never be.

At a part of the visit, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi dedicated a Cake for those newly joined kids to schools and those one who are going to be enrolled as primary students next year.

For other kids, required stationary and two washing machines being delivered from the address of FZN.

It’s not the first time, MP Naderi, is visiting the orphan kids; as she met these kids last years.


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