FZN: Afghan women face social and cultural challenges


IMG_215216/April/ 2013 – Reporter: Qiam Noori | The parliamentarian and women rights activist, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi in her speeches in “National women in politics conference” says newly emerged leader and in particular the Afghan women frequently faces with social and cultural challenges that comes from the address of custom of war, but the women must preserves a serious difference between the custom of war and original Afghan culture.

She adds, the original Afghanistan culture is much peaceful and it’s against the custom of war

:” When we reach to the custom of war, the issue is like a strong wall against us and by no mean it accepts logic, thinking, neither it listens to the social, cultural and political interpretations. Because the custom of war is only familiar with the power of weapon. Thus, this is challenge against each and every Afghan to differentiate between the custom of war with the original Afghani culture. Wherever that the custom wants to replace our original culture, we must stand against it and say that this is not representing our real and original culture.”

National democratic institute (NDI) has launched the summit on Monday in Kabul.

NDI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.

At the main time, the MP, Naderi says the women role in the original Afghan culture has always been a peaceful one.

In the Summit, the Afghan women affairs minister’s assistant, Muzgan Mustafawi, highlight the golden achievements of the women in the past decade and insists that:” the gains by no men should be compromised for succession of any political process including the current peace process.”

But, Head of women committee at the Jamiat – e – Islami political party that nothing fundamental has been done for the development of women in the past 11 years and blamed the women affairs ministry for that.


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