For the first time Afghanistan won a seat in IPU’s 3rd standing committee


FZN 2/ April 2013 – Reporter: Qiam Noori | The parliamentarian and women rights activist, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, Afghanistan’s candidate in election for joining the “Democracy and Human rights committee” of Inter-Parliament-Union (IPU) won membership of the third standing committee.

In the election, the parliamentarian Naderi faced much power full rivals of Australia and Iran; but finally with securing 28 votes, achieved membership of the “important” committee. The Australian candidate won 20 votes and the strong rival, Iran, received only 3 votes.

The election that was hold in March 2013 in Ecuador capital, 52 members of the committee voted for the three candidates.

The MP, Ms. Naderi, in her speeches prior the election for democracy and human  rights committee membership, has insisted on involving Afghanistan in international decision-making processes

:” Afghanistan has been supported by the world, by the international community and friends of Afghanistan so far and we appreciated it so much but this is the time that Afghanistan should be given a new face, a face that could be changed from a face of victim to a face of responsible member of the community of the world.” She added.

Off course, the competition over achieving the seat was “pretty challenging”, the parliamentarian Naderi mentioned

:” Getting membership of the “democracy and human rights” committee of IPU was not easy. The Australian and Iranian candidates have fought tough for the seat and had pre-readiness for that. Among the candidates, the Australian candidate wining chance was pretty high, as he was ex-member of the union and the voter were already aware of his activities. But, at the end of the day, Afghanistan won such a serious international election and this is really a brilliant achievement for the country.”

This is the first time; Afghanistan is securing a seat in n one of the three essential standing committee of IPU and become a much active member of the mentioned global institution.

In the 128th assembly of the union, beside the MP Naderi, Sayed Eshaq Gillani, Dr. Mahdi, Moh. Noor Akbary, Mr.Durabi were rest of the Afghan delegation, representing Afghan lower house.

The Inter-Parliament-Union ( IPU), established in 1889 with the aims of promoting democracy, Human rights and expanding the global peace.


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