Afghan Youths: needy of education; not political confrontations!


9999The parliamentarian and women right activist, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, said in a Kabul press summit, when our political leaders concerned of their linguistic and ethnic identities, they must establish professional language universities.

The MP added, annually, a big mass of our youths fail in attempt to enter governmental universities, and thus establishing such universities are helpful for both educating the youths and language empowerment.

:” Our political leaders have extremely concerns for their languages and ethnicity. This is an achievement for all of us up to a level. However, I do hope the leaders, should launch professional universities for the youths with aim of both empowerment of youths and their language. The measures, at one level, produce powerful politician youths and also serve for the betterment of the particular language.  The main point is here, that if, we are concerned of our language and ethnicity, why we do not establishing universities for the betterment of our language? As our governmental universities have their own problems in hiring a bulk number of youths. Once the youths enrolled in the universities, not only our linguistic problems are solving, but our youths will be educated as well.”

The press summit, in which Ms. Naderi, conveyed the message, held in Kabul on Thursday.

The challenges of the youths discussed and a number of solutions proposed for them.

The attendee at the summit, called of unemployment, lack of access to professional higher education and poverty as their biggest and possibly, unsolvable challenges.

The youths, suggests, informative T.V show, lunching more educational centers and lunching instructive competitions among the youths, could help Afghan youths to get ready for the future.

Report: Qiam Noori


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