Afghan women celebrities admired


IMG_5050The afghan women affairs ministry admired a number of Afghan women politicians for their hard workings on Wednesday, 4th September.

In the conference, where a huge number of prominent political and cultural figures were present, the ministry recalled the hard-workings of the Bamyan province governer, Habiba Sorabi, the parliamentarian Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, Shenkia Karokhia, Kabul MP and number of politician women whom achieved international awards for their efforts in making a better Afghanistan for the past 2 years.

The parliamentarian and women rights activist, Farkhunda Zahra Nader said in the Kabul press summit that:” Today, not only Ms. Sorabi, being admired, but each and every Afghan woman admired who has worked hard for this country. Indeed, these efforts should be admired, as these measures bring a positive mentality for the Afghan nation.

If we are speaking all time from the up-comings fears of the 2014 (when the NATO troops leave Afghanistan), then beside that, we should speak out, that we do hard-work and we do change the 2014 a much more peaceful year for our people and country. I do argue the establishment and other related institutions to admire Habiba Sorabi for achieving the Ramon Magsaysay Award of better governance. But, at the same time, I cognates the victory of Massuda Karokhi in wining N-peace ward of Role model -2013 of UNPD. I wish, one day the list of our awardees become that much long, that we get confused who to celebrate first.” Ms. Naderi highlighted.

The MP Naderi won the N-PEACE award of Role model 2013. This year, the MP Naderi, secured a seat in the human rights and democracy committee of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) after a breath-taking competition against one of the toughest rivals, Iran and Australia.

In the press summit, the Afghan women affairs minister, Huson Bano Ghazanfar, insisted that the Afghan women are capable of doing much hard-works and their works are admirable, not only for the Afghan people but also for the world community.

The governor Ms.Sorabi, emphasized on women encouragement of their efforts.


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