Farkhunda Zahra Naderi: Afghan culture’s second meaning is respecting women


iiiiExclusive Mursal magazine interview with FZN

Any Afghan women, fighting and yelling for rights of women in the country is admirable. A number of patriotic women such as Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, Shukria Barakzai, Shenkai Karokhail and many others are really fighting for ensuring the rights of Afghan women in the lower house. In the course of country’s history, this is the first time, in which the women voice could be heard such loudly.

The parliamentarian and women rights activists, FZN, who entered the Afghan lower house the myth of Chadari; the window of power, win the role model award- 2013 of N-peace.

The MP insists one of the main reasons of increasing violence against the women is lack of a women judge in the Afghan Supreme Court:” But, however, the presence of women in the Afghan lower house is a big achievement.”

Worth to be mentioned that advocacy and fight for peace in the country are the measure steps that the young member of the parliament has worked for.

:” I can tell you with full confident that presence of a women judge in the Afghan Supreme Court is one of the biggest necessities in a mainly male-dominated country. Because, not only by their physiological structure, but also for their different concept could bring positive changes in our courts.” She emphasized.

The MP also condemn nose and hear cutting of Afghan women by extremists or due to family violence around the country:” Giving women the power is very vital for the re-construction of their prestige and dignity in the country.”

Increasing the violence against the women across the country and lack of attention to the vast masses of violence by the officials are a number of issues long have been argued by the women rights activists and women’s rights defense bodies in Afghanistan.

The parliamentarian Naderi adds that the violence against the women doesn’t present the real Afghan culture:” The violence is a wrong culture and we must all work to prevent the issue influence deeper in our community.”

She further adds that:” I am deeply sorry that whenever a woman faces a violence or being killed or raped, these are only women MPs condemn the violence and we see the men MPs are up sent in these cases. And this happens in Afghanistan, where the men are even devoting their lives for their women.”

 Ms. Naderi says:” That Afghani culture that I believe it, is a culture that respects the women and their legitimate rights. But, the violence culture that has been shaped due to the long decades of wars in the country are not our real Afghani culture.”

FZN once more time has argued the ministry of justice to draft the law which bans begging, to move one more step in preventing women and kids from begging.

Reporter: Mahboba Fareed Karimi

Edited by: Qiam Noori


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