2014 Elections: A big challenge for whole Afghanistan


_MG_206913/4/2013-Reporter: Qiam Noori | The parliamentarian and women rights activist, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi says that, the Afghan nation must prove that history of Afghanistan is not only about Wars, but also nation and state building.

The MP added, the Afghans only with launching powerful state building programs could overcome the challenge successfully

:” There is only one way that enable us to call the 2014 a year of success and that’s creating powerful state building initiatives and acting our political nisus based on the programs.”

The parliamentarian, Naderi, while talking on plenary session of the lower house on 13 April 13, 2013, asked the house to provide the required facilities for Afghan voters outside the country, to be a part of the 2014 presidential election

:” I see very important to highlight the point that, the lower house should pay the required attention for restituting the political rights of Afghan migrants, in particular their voting right. I do accept that, in some countries it’s a challenging task, but at a number of countries like European countries and U.S.A with having developed systems, Afghan embassies with the cooperation of these countries could involve the Afghan migrants in the up-coming Afghan presidential elections.”

It’s supposed that 2014 Afghan presidential elections would be held in such a month next year; an election that the whole country’s stability and security depended upon.


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